National Doctor's Day

At Mercy Medical Center, our physicians, nurses, and medical staff touch the lives of our patients and their families every day. With a unique combination of expertise, skill, and compassion they help provide vital services and the very best care for all members of our community. While their efforts are rarely overlooked, too often we let the opportunity to say “Thank You” slip away in the rush of our daily routines.

Fortunately, Doctors’ Day was created in 1933 for just that purpose – a special day to recognize and thank physicians for their commitment and dedication. In honor of National Doctors’ Day, the Mercy Foundation invites you to express your appreciation not just for your doctor, but for the many caregivers who have touched your life in a special way.

Whether you choose to salute a special doctor, nurse, an entire department, or clinical program that impacted your health or that of a loved one, your donation is a meaningful opportunity to say “Thank You”, and to give back to those who may have given you so much. Be sure to fill in the name of the doctor or caregiver being honored in the Tribute section of the donation form. 

Upon receiving your donation, your doctor or caregiver will receive a special memento designating them as an individual who makes a difference at Mercy. To share a special message with your doctor or caregiver, please email your comments to Shelby Davidson, Annual Giving Coordinator, at .