Little Girl, Big IdeasCarina Davis Check Presentation

In 2014, the Davis family went to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month kick-off breakfast at a local firehouse. Carina, five years old at the time, noticed the "Heroes Wear Pink" t-shirts that all of the firefighters were wearing and began to ask questions about the cause.

"She kept asking questions and it spurred some great conversations in our house about how people get sick and how raising money can help people get better," said proud papa and Pastor at Gateway Community Church, Matt Davis. "It was great to see her enthusiasm and the desire to try and help others when she understood the need."

Every day during the month of October, Carina decided to wear an outfit in the signature pink color for breast cancer awareness. Mom, Maya Davis, a school teacher at Gracey Elementary School in Merced, took pictures of her little girl dressed in pink each day and posted it on social media sites. Posting Carina's picture on Facebook and using hashtags like #CarinaWearsPink on Twitter along with requests for donations to benefit breast cancer patients provided an opportunity for their friends to support her efforts. She also sells lemonade at the Merced City Firefighter's pancake breakfasts. 

Since begining her quest in 2014, Carina has been able to raise over $3,400, donating all funds to the Mercy UC Davis Cancer Center.

The Mercy Foundation applauds the inspiring efforts of sweet Carina and her family. Thank you for helping make a difference and for motivating others to action!