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Rural Health Center - Clinic Renovation Project

To meet the growing needs of our community, Mercy Medical Center Merced is undertaking a much-needed clinic renovation. The foundation has secured to date $2,499,975 leaving approximately $1,000,000 to be raised to complete the vital project. The renovation will begin in early 2024, with the projected completion in the spring of 2025.

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We carry the legacy of excellence and innovation established by our founders and continue investing in expansions and renovations at our family practice rural health center, elevating the patient experience, increasing patient access to primary care, and training and empowering our General Medicine residents to deliver the very best patient care.

The Family Care Clinic is an outpatient clinic offering an array of critical health care services, including family practice physicians treating chronic diseases, perinatal services, well-child visits, acute care, dermatology, vascular appointments, pediatrics, vaccinations, labs and X-ray stations. The clinic provides close to 17,000 patient visits per year, with 73% of the patients receiving MediCal. Located in South Merced, this area lacks services critical to improving the health and wellness of its residents. The area has a high population of people experiencing homelessness, under served, minorities, and very low-income individuals and families. Bringing comprehensive health care services that increase access to care, as well as health prevention and education resources is crucial to effectively serving the Merced population.

Rural Health Clinic - three photos

StethoscopeCurrently, clinical space utilization is a limiting factor in the number of patients that our health care and mental health service providers can serve daily. The current clinic footprint hampers our ability to offer education classes, limits space for radiology equipment (immobile patients cannot be scanned currently at the clinic) as well as ultrasound equipment for OB patients, offers only one lab draw station, and no space for an onsite laboratory.

The expansion project has three main components:

  1. Expansion of current services
  2. Addition of priority services
  3. Become a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) designation with a focus on enhanced care management

None of these are possible without significant changes to the clinic footprint. The expansion would increase the ability to provide more services in-house including:

Chart showing Services Offered

ClipboardThe renovations and expansion of services at Family Practice (Rural Health Center) Clinic will create a welcoming and positive patient experience, foster educational opportunities for our resident medical staff (medical education), and advance our transition to patient-centered care, supporting the delivery of comprehensive, coordinated, patient-centered care.

Your gift will lay the groundwork for the next 100 years of health care for the underserved in our community, empowering Mercy Medical Center Merced to invest in these and other program enhancements that will impact our community and caregivers for generations to come.

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