Mercy Employee Spirit Boosters

Nurses smiling with tablet

Giving for Good

Mercy employees work in an environment in which compassion and concern for those in need are part of everyday values. As an employee of Mercy Medical Center, you can be proud to be part of a team that gives excellent care to all who enter our doors.

Mercy Foundation’s Spirit Booster program empowers employees to make a difference in the lives of countless people in the community who need state-of-the-art health care, education, or other support. Your tax-deductible gift helps provide equipment, programs, and services to Mercy Medical Center that otherwise may not be available to those in need.

Join your colleagues in making a difference by becoming a Spirit Booster today. Getting started is easy. Simply choose a giving method that works best for you:

  • Make an ongoing payroll deduction. Choose any amount that works for you.
  • Donate your PTO. Time can be donated in hours.
  • Join the Hour Club. Donate the equivalent of one hour of pay or PTO per pay period.
  • Are you a Contract Employee? Make a one-time donation or recurring to Mercy Foundation. You can do this by cash, check, or credit card. Donations can also be made online here! 

No matter how you give, 100 percent of your contribution supports the equipment, programs, and services at Mercy Medical Center.

For more information, please contact Shelby Davidson, 209.564.4200 or